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Job Title Country County/Region Start Date Finish Date Ref No

Jobs in Leicestershire and Northants:        1/ ...

UK East Midlands 1/07/2014 N/A 9811 More Information

General Farm Worker: Job in Cheshire

UK North West 24/11/2014 N/A 9810 More Information

Permanent job ~ General Farm worker required on a mixed farm ~ Taunton, Somerset

UK South West 25/10/2014 N/A 9733 More Information

An all-round good worker for breeding kennels - some housework: Job near Carmarthen,  Wales.

UK Wales 1/12/2014 N/A 9809 More Information

JOBS FOR FARM LIAISON MANAGERS Based in Norfolk / Suffolk / Essex

UK East & East Anglia 13/11/2022 14/01/2031 9808 More Information

Job for relief milker/ dairy assistant / calf rearer in Berkshire

UK South & South East 1/07/2014 N/A 9807 More Information

A job for a Stockman / General farm worker position available on traditional mixed 1300...

UK South & South East 3/12/2014 N/A 9806 More Information

Job for an Herdsman who  has had experience dealing with calves --- Newcastle - under - Lyme

UK West Midlands 20/11/2014 N/A 9805 More Information

Job for ASSISTANT FARM MANGER>>>>>Louth, Lincolnshire

UK East Midlands 1/12/2014 N/A 9802 More Information

Job for a tractor a Tractor Driver>>> Bedfordshire

UK East Midlands 7/01/2015 31/10/2015 9801 More Information

Job for Calf Rearer>>> Shropshire

UK West Midlands 1/02/2015 1/06/2015 9800 More Information

Relief milker, calf rearer, general livestock work. Permanent job in Leicestershire

UK East Midlands 1/12/2014 N/A 9797 More Information

Job for General Farm Worker on Dairy Farm >>>> Carmarthen

UK Wales 18/11/2014 N/A 9796 More Information

Skilled Arable Operator with HGV licence>> Boston Lincs

UK East & East Anglia 1/01/2015 N/A 9794 More Information

Job for an experienced assistant herdsperson >>>> Clitheroe, Lancashire

UK North West 15/11/2014 N/A 9793 More Information

Job Skilled general Farm worker required for arable farm in Nottinghamshire / Leicestershire

UK East Midlands 15/11/2014 N/A 9792 More Information

General Farm Worker: job on Ballantrae dairy farm in southwest Scotland.

UK Scotland 15/11/2014 N/A 9791 More Information

Job for Tractor Driver/Stocksperson for Large Dairy & Beef Unit in Central Scotland

UK Scotland 1/12/2014 N/A 9790 More Information

Full Time Arable Operator. Permanent job in Northamptonshire

UK East & East Anglia 15/01/2015 N/A 9789 More Information

Permanent Position for Highly Skilled Arable Operator: job based in Worcestershire

UK West Midlands 1/02/2015 N/A 9788 More Information

Dairy Herdsperson, 500 cows, grass based system: job in Shropshire. 

UK West Midlands 2/01/2015 N/A 9787 More Information

Calf Rearing - Milking & Stock work on 600 cow herd: job in the Midlands

UK East Midlands 1/02/2015 1/06/2015 9786 More Information

Experienced Herds Person: Permanent job vacancy on farm in Dorset

UK South West 14/11/2017 N/A 9785 More Information

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join our busy contracting team; jobs for...

UK South & South East 1/12/2014 N/A 9784 More Information

Tree planting and winter tree job available >> Leicestershire

UK East Midlands 24/11/2014 N/A 9780 More Information

Job for General Farm Worker in West Midlands.  Minimum 2 year placement. ...

UK West Midlands 1/12/2014 N/A 9781 More Information

Shepherd required for a job with 1600 Cheviot ewes on extensive hill farming operation...

UK Scotland 1/12/2014 N/A 9779 More Information

Stable Hand/Yard Worker - permanent job in Kent.  

UK London & Thames 17/11/2014 N/A 9776 More Information

Milking assistants required some experience would be an advantage but help to learn...

UK North West 10/11/2014 1/01/2050 9777 More Information

General Farm Worker job

UK London & Thames 1/12/2014 N/A 9771 More Information

Job for  Head Tractor Operator/General Farm Worker

UK East & East Anglia 17/11/2014 N/A 9770 More Information

Shepherd Required for Scottish Hill Farm in the Borders. 25 miles from Edinburgh 4 miles from Peebles.

UK Scotland 11/11/2014 N/A 9767 More Information

Job for Herdsman's Assistant -to do the night shift>>> Dyfed

UK Wales 10/11/2014 N/A 9768 More Information

Job for assistant herd person>>>  Edenbridge

UK South & South East 4/11/2014 N/A 9766 More Information

Job for Machinery Operator and General Worker >>> Richmond North Yorkshire

UK Yorkshire 30/11/2014 N/A 9765 More Information

Skilled Arable Operator. Job on farm in Northamptonshire

UK East & East Anglia 1/02/2015 N/A 9764 More Information


UK East Midlands 1/01/2015 N/A 9763 More Information

Are You Passionate about Dairy Farming ? Could you become a valued leader...

UK Scotland 10/11/2014 N/A 9761 More Information

Job for Dairy Herds  Manager for 200 Cows>>> Doncaster

UK North East 10/11/2014 N/A 9742 More Information

EXPERIENCED (at least a year)  Dairy Farm milker/ worker required

UK North West 2/11/2014 N/A 9760 More Information

Job-General farm worker for mixed farm

UK East & East Anglia 10/11/2014 N/A 9758 More Information

Skilled sprayer operator and experienced tractor driver required on 2200ac with PA1...

UK East & East Anglia 5/01/2015 N/A 9755 More Information

Herdsperson for Agricultural College. Job starting January in Hampshire.

UK South & South East 1/01/2015 N/A 9751 More Information

General farm worker / Beef stockman: Job in Wiltshire

UK South West 3/11/2014 N/A 9754 More Information

Job for GENERAL FARM WORKER / DAIRY ASSISTANT required for a 210 cow dairy herd in Oxfordshire

UK South & South East 10/11/2014 31/08/2015 9753 More Information

Shepherd tractor driver and general farm worker for job in Scotland

UK Scotland 14/01/2015 14/07/2015 9752 More Information

Job for Working Herd Manager >>> Gloucestershire

UK South West 1/11/2014 N/A 9746 More Information

Telescopic Forklift driver required for busy Horse Feed/Farming company. Job near Buntingford

UK East & East Anglia 1/11/2014 N/A 9748 More Information

Farm worker required for family run dairy farm milking 360 cows through a new milking parlour....

UK West Midlands 1/11/2014 N/A 9747 More Information

Job for a Dairy Herds person for 200 cow pedigree Holstein herd in North Yorkshire

UK North East 14/11/2017 N/A 9745 More Information
Farm Maintenance and Farm Operative job in Shropshire UK Telford, Shropshire 14/10/2027 N/A 9740 More Information

Dairy assistant required for milking a 300 Holstein Friesian herd on family farm. ...

UK Scotland 1/11/2014 N/A 9741 More Information

Job for Assistant Herds Person>>>> Bromsgrove Worcs

UK West Midlands 1/11/2014 N/A 9739 More Information

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