Job list

Job Title Country County/Region Start Date Finish Date Ref No

Tractor driver/ stockman job - on a dairy farm near Bridport, Dorset

UK South West 1/06/2014 N/A 8922 More Information

Loading shovel driver>>>  Job near Shepton Mallet

UK South West 5/05/2014 N/A 8921 More Information

Job for General Farm Worker  / Harvest help in mid Suffolk

UK East & East Anglia 14/07/2014 26/09/2014 8918 More Information

Job CAT/ crawler driver required for harvest cultivation (over 21) on a 2000 - acres farm...

UK East & East Anglia 26/04/2014 N/A 8919 More Information

Job for Herdsman to work on family farm with 160 cows>>>East Yorkshire.

UK North East 25/04/2014 N/A 8917 More Information

Job for General farm type worker/manager required for both shepherding and general estate maintenance duties

UK South West 25/04/2014 N/A 8916 More Information

Harvest Tractor Driver job - Lincolnshire

UK East & East Anglia 1/07/2014 25/12/2014 8915 More Information

Job for Calving and young stock duties on 500 cow dairy farm.

UK North West 1/05/2014 N/A 8914 More Information

Harvest and cultivations Tractor Driver - Job in  Peterborough area

UK East & East Anglia 10/07/2014 15/10/2013 8913 More Information

Job for couple -Potato cart / forklift driver / Harvest Quality Control person. Norfolk

UK East & East Anglia 10/09/2014 25/10/2014 8912 More Information

Harvest students job on 1200 acres mixed farm in North Yorkshire

UK Yorkshire 14/07/2014 20/10/2014 8910 More Information
Machine operator wanted for combine, baler, drilling, spraying, cultivations etc.>>>> Aylesbury UK South & South East 10/05/2014 N/A 8911 More Information

Job for Dairy Assistant >>>>Dumfries

UK Scotland 23/04/2014 N/A 8909 More Information

Job for Two Harvest tractor Drivers, Hertfordshire.

UK East & East Anglia 14/07/2014 30/09/2014 8908 More Information

Job for Harvest tractor driver and general farm worker

UK East & East Anglia 7/07/2014 5/09/2014 8907 More Information

General Farm Worker - Job on a dairy farm in Cornwall

UK South West 1/05/2014 N/A 8904 More Information

Job for General Farm Worker for a free range poultry farm. Sound mechanical knowledge required....

UK East Midlands 1/05/2014 N/A 8906 More Information

Job for General farm worker/ assistant herdsman on modern family run 250 cow dairy farm....

UK Wales 1/06/2014 N/A 8905 More Information

Job for FARM AND ESTATE WORKER in Northamptonshire

UK East Midlands 1/06/2014 N/A 8903 More Information

General Farm Worker. Permanent job on farm in Scotland.

UK Scotland 5/05/2014 N/A 8899 More Information
required Assistant Herdsman / GFW Must be able to work unsupervised. Cornwall UK South West 1/09/2014 1/07/2015 8898 More Information

Job for Herdsperson  >>>>Elgin

UK Scotland 14/05/2019 N/A 8896 More Information

Temporary job for Farm Worker for upland livestock farm, part of bigger business.

UK Scotland 1/05/2014 31/10/2014 8895 More Information

Job with 1000 Sow Outdoor Pig Breeding Unit near Newmarket, Suffolk, UK

UK East & East Anglia 1/06/2014 N/A 8892 More Information

Experienced tractor driver with mechanical skills - a job on a dairy, beef, maize...

UK South West 28/04/2014 N/A 8891 More Information

Tractor Driver required - This job is for an immediate start - Living...

UK South & South East 18/04/2014 N/A 8890 More Information

 We have a vacancy for general farm mechanic, welder, HGV class 2 driver and...

UK North East 21/04/2014 N/A 8889 More Information

Two job vacancies: Combine Driver and driver for grain cart. - Cambridgeshire

UK East & East Anglia 7/07/2014 15/09/2014 8887 More Information

Farm based blending plant vacancy - full time job near Thirsk, North Yorkshire,

UK North East 21/04/2014 N/A 8888 More Information
Student required on a modern, award winning 200 cow dairy farm - job in Staffordshire UK West Midlands 1/07/2014 N/A 8886 More Information

General Farm Worker required for a job in Northumberland

UK North East 1/05/2014 N/A 8878 More Information

Job for Trainee Dairy Herd Manager >>>> Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

UK North West 1/05/2014 N/A 8883 More Information

Estate Worker -  job in Hertfordshire

UK Hertfordshire 6/05/2014 N/A 8882 More Information

 Skilled people required for contractors silage team. Job in Camarthen area.

UK Wales 21/04/2014 N/A 8879 More Information

Tractor driver , corn carting , sumo / ploughing. Harvest job in Norfolk

UK East & East Anglia 1/07/2014 1/10/2014 7717 More Information

Job for Assistant Herdsperson - West  Wales

UK Wales 5/05/2014 N/A 8880 More Information

Job General Farm Worker - Co Clare, Ireland

Ireland County Clare 1/05/2014 N/A 8877 More Information

Contractor requires experienced tractor driver to join forage harvesting team. Duties to include...

UK West Midlands 14/04/2021 14/11/2030 8843 More Information

Job for Arable operator and GFW with PA1 and PA2 Winchester

UK South West 1/05/2014 N/A 8873 More Information

Stockman/general farm worker required on a modern 300 cow dairy farm. Job in Pembrokeshire.immediate...

UK Wales 14/04/2014 N/A 8813 More Information

Job for Assistant herdsman position in North Essex.

UK East & East Anglia 21/04/2014 N/A 8871 More Information

Job for Relief milker,calf rearer  >>> Rugby

UK West Midlands 14/04/2014 N/A 8870 More Information

Herdsman required to milk 300 cows on a family farm on the south coast of Wales -...

UK Wales 12/04/2014 N/A 8868 More Information

Permanent Job - Herd Manager Required for Grass-based Dairy Farm >>> Church...

UK West Midlands 11/04/2014 N/A 8867 More Information

Job  for a General Farm Worker.  Kendal, Cumbria

UK North West 14/04/2014 N/A 8865 More Information

Job on Large Estate. 1100 hectares requires a spray operator with PA1 and PA2... Morpeth Northumberland

UK North East 10/04/2014 N/A 8864 More Information

Tractor Driver required - This job is for an immediate start - Living...

UK Scotland 10/04/2014 N/A 8863 More Information

Job for Skilled Arable Operator on a progressive arable farm in Mid Lincolnshire.>>> Sleaford

UK East Midlands 12/04/2014 N/A 8862 More Information

Job for Short Term Milking Contract to cover sick leave - Gloucestershire

UK South West 17/04/2014 29/05/2014 8860 More Information

FULL TIME JOB for person working with lambing ewes and parrots>>> Hereford

UK West Midlands 1/05/2014 20/05/2001 8859 More Information


UK East & East Anglia 1/07/2014 31/10/2014 8857 More Information

Permanent job for Shepherd with tractor driving experience for a flock of 1500...

UK North West 5/05/2014 N/A 8856 More Information

Milking assistant, also sheep work available and general farm worker required near Carlisle.

UK North West 1/05/2014 N/A 8855 More Information

Job for Heart of England Forest Administrator

UK West Midlands 1/05/2014 N/A 8854 More Information

Apprentices Required. If you live in Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge or Essex.

UK East & East Anglia 1/05/2014 N/A 8852 More Information

General Farm Worker (Tractor driving and relief milking). Job in County Durham

UK North East 11/04/2014 31/10/2014 8851 More Information

Job for Assistant Shepherd / GFW >>>>>Rottingdean

UK South & South East 10/04/2014 N/A 8850 More Information
Assistant Herdsperson - Job in Devon UK South West 2/06/2014 2/06/2050 8849 More Information

 Tractor driver / spray operator - A  permanent job on 2500 mixed farm -...

UK Oxfordshire 22/04/2014 30/10/2008 8848 More Information


UK East & East Anglia 1/07/2014 30/09/2014 8847 More Information

   Shropshire Area   FARM MANAGER Job

UK East Midlands 1/05/2014 N/A 8846 More Information

Job Tractor Driver on industrial site Manchester No Accommodation - Immediate start.

UK South West 8/04/2014 N/A 8845 More Information

Job for  Herdsperson>>>> Beaminster

UK South West 1/05/2014 N/A 8842 More Information

Job for Tractor driver/combine driver for harvest and autumn work -...

UK South & South East 1/06/2014 12/10/2014 8839 More Information

General farm worker / tractor driver, seasonal job from April to October. Hertfordshire

UK South & South East 28/04/2014 31/10/2014 8838 More Information

Job for experienced professional  Mechanic / Engineer - Workshop and onsite work....

UK London & Thames 1/05/2014 N/A 8837 More Information

Arable Farm Operator Job >>>   Norfolk

UK East & East Anglia 14/07/2015 14/10/2015 8836 More Information

Job for Harvest Tractor Driver >>South Essex

UK East & East Anglia 21/07/2014 N/A 8833 More Information

Job assistant Herdsperson Dairy Farm >>> Shropshire

UK West Midlands 3/04/2014 N/A 8832 More Information


UK Wales 25/05/2014 N/A 8830 More Information

Job for Stockman/Relief Milker with tractor driving skills. Immediate start 

UK Wales 12/04/2014 N/A 8779 More Information


UK South & South East 3/04/2014 N/A 8829 More Information

  Foreman/manager of grain store and animal feed mill. Rare job opportunity in...

UK East Midlands 2/06/2014 N/A 8827 More Information

Permanent job for a Tractor Driver >>> Shenley , Hertfordshire.

UK South & South East 8/04/2014 N/A 8826 More Information

Assistant Herdsperson - job in Cheshire

UK North West 7/04/2014 7/04/2050 8825 More Information

Job for Harvest Tractor Driver general Farm Worker>>>> Suffolk

UK East & East Anglia 15/07/2014 N/A 8824 More Information

Competent Machinery Operators and General Farm workers required for Harvest and...

UK East & East Anglia 1/07/2014 11/10/2014 8823 More Information

General farm worker/relief milker- JOB NEAR MONMOUTH

UK Wales 14/04/2014 N/A 8822 More Information

Job for  Herdsman who can use Interherd >>Berkshire

UK South West 1/04/2014 N/A 8817 More Information

Job for herdsman milking 300 cows. Northumberland

UK North East 1/04/2014 N/A 8816 More Information

Job for ARABLE OPERATOR with PA1 and PA2 - East Yorkshire

UK East Yorkshire 1/04/2014 N/A 8814 More Information

General farm workers required for large dairy and sheep farm and horse stud / livery...

UK East & East Anglia 5/04/2014 13/12/2030 8812 More Information

Job for Skilled Arable Operator 6500 Acres  -  Essex

UK East & East Anglia 1/05/2014 N/A 8810 More Information

Job Lambing Assistant Cheshire

UK North West 5/04/2014 N/A 8809 More Information

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