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Job Title Country County/Region Start Date Finish Date Ref No

Experienced tractor drivers over the age of 21 willing to take the CPCS certificate All over the UK

UK 0 20/09/2014 N/A 9648 More Information

Job to  start immediately tractor driver who can plough and...

UK South West 19/09/2014 N/A 9647 More Information

Job for Calf Rearer and general farm worker, Hampshire

UK South & South East 30/10/2014 N/A 9640 More Information

Herdsman. Permanent job in Scotland>>> Dumfries

UK Scotland 1/10/2014 N/A 9645 More Information

More Information

2 Tractor driver.. to start straight away one must have Teleporter Experince>> Cambridge

UK Cambridge 18/09/2014 8/10/2014 9642 More Information


UK East & East Anglia 18/09/2014 17/10/2014 9641 More Information

Work for a Stockman/Assistant Herds person>>> Devon

UK South West 17/09/2014 N/A 9639 More Information

Job for general farm worker>>>> Gordon

UK Scotland 14/10/2014 N/A 9638 More Information

Experienced Herdsperson/General Farm Worker job>>>> Harrogate

UK Yorkshire 1/11/2014 N/A 9637 More Information

General farm worker >>>> Hereford

UK West Midlands 14/09/2016 N/A 9636 More Information

Experienced Stockman/General Farm Worker>>> Kent

UK South & South East 17/09/2014 N/A 9632 More Information

Job for Assistant Herdsperson >>> Bideford

UK South West 30/09/2014 N/A 9633 More Information

Shepherd /General Farmworker>>> Somerset

UK South West 1/11/2014 1/04/2015 9635 More Information

Job for Pig Stockperson>>>> Devizes

UK South West 1/10/2014 N/A 9634 More Information

Job for Stockperson/General farm worker>>>Glastonbury

UK South West 6/10/2014 N/A 9631 More Information

Assistant milker and general farm worker; 300 cow autumn calving herd, north Pembrokeshire

UK Wales 22/09/2014 N/A 9626 More Information

Job for Tractor/Stockperson on arable/suckler/beef finishing farm in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

UK Scotland 1/10/2014 N/A 9625 More Information

Herdsperson required to join a team of 4 caring for 420 high yielding Holstein...

UK South West 1/10/2014 N/A 9623 More Information

Job for Herdsman for 100 cows >>>>>>East Yorkshire

UK North East 15/09/2014 N/A 9622 More Information

Start 29 September Tractor Drivers for Civil Engineering Contract Wakefield No accomodation.

UK North East 29/09/2014 N/A 9621 More Information

Start Today ------Tractor Driver required - This job is for an immediate start...

UK South & South East 13/09/2014 10/09/2016 9620 More Information

Job for Milker and GFW Would suit couple  >>> Gloucestershire

UK South West 15/12/2014 31/12/2030 9619 More Information
Assistant Herdsman: Job in Gloucestershire UK East & East Anglia 1/10/2014 N/A 9618 More Information


UK South West 1/10/2014 N/A 9617 More Information

Trainee Arable Manager: Job with a Dorset based Farming Company

UK South West 1/10/2014 N/A 9616 More Information

Job Rare breeds stockman >>>>> Dorset

UK South West 12/09/2014 N/A 9615 More Information

Pig Farm Farrowing House Support Worker - job near Dorchester

UK South West 29/09/2014 N/A 9614 More Information

Start Today ------Tractor Driver required - This job is for an immediate start...

UK South & South East 13/09/2014 10/09/2016 9608 More Information

Combine / Sprayer Operator / Tractor Driver Ideal opportunity for keen person interested in long...

UK South West 18/09/2014 N/A 9612 More Information

Assistant herdsperson Job >>>>Leatherhead Surrey 1 hour London

UK East & East Anglia 13/09/2014 1/06/2017 9609 More Information

Job for  Assistant herdsperson>>> Shrewsbury

UK West Midlands 1/10/2014 31/12/2020 9607 More Information

 Tractor Driver job, with Fork lift experience - start now. For insurance purposes...

UK East & East Anglia 14/09/2014 15/10/2014 9605 More Information

Tractor driver/gfw required due to illness. >>>>>Angus  Scotland

UK Scotland 9/09/2014 N/A 9603 More Information

Stockman to work on a 300 sow indoor pig unit >>>> job in Yorkshire

UK Yorkshire 10/09/2014 N/A 9602 More Information

Tractor driver / all round farm worker for contractor -  Waltham Abbey ...

UK East & East Anglia 9/09/2014 N/A 9601 More Information
Farm worker for beef and sheep farm on Hebridean Island UK Scotland 1/10/2014 N/A 9600 More Information

Job for Tractor driver to cart potatoes and Onions >> Bury St Edmunds

UK East Midlands 9/09/2014 26/09/2014 9598 More Information

Jobs for HGV Class 1 Lorry Drivers Bilsthorpe in Nottinghamshire

UK East Midlands 8/09/2014 N/A 9595 More Information

Herdsman Job>>>>Dumfries

UK Scotland 2/09/2014 N/A 9594 More Information

Welsh livestock farm, rearing beef, sheep and poultry require help in their poultry butchery...

UK Wales 4/09/2014 N/A 9593 More Information

Job for Assistant herdsman position in North Essex.

UK East & East Anglia 22/09/2014 N/A 9592 More Information
Farm Worker required for job on beef and sheep farm in Wales UK Wales 8/09/2014 N/A 9591 More Information

Job for Skilled Farm Worker on an arable / potato farm near St Helens

UK North West 8/09/2014 N/A 9590 More Information

Logistics Manager - vegetable production job appointment in Nottinghamshire

UK East Midlands 4/09/2014 N/A 9588 More Information

Job for Labourer to Stonemason / Forester>>>Inverurie

UK Scotland 3/09/2014 N/A 9587 More Information

Experienced and conscientious Herdsman / herdswoman sought for permanent job on dairy/mixed...

UK East Midlands 15/09/2014 N/A 9586 More Information

Experienced Tractor Driver  ploughing and maize harvest.. Job near Chepstow

UK South West 15/09/2014 N/A 9585 More Information

  Job as an ESTATE FOREMAN >>>>>>Northamptonshire

UK East Midlands 1/11/2014 N/A 9584 More Information

FARM LIAISON MANAGERS : Job in the Midlands area

UK East Midlands 12/09/2014 N/A 9583 More Information

Welsh livestock farm, rearing beef, sheep and poultry require help in their poultry butchery...

UK Wales 4/09/2014 N/A 9582 More Information

Work for Enthusiastic Experienced Assistant to Herdsperson required,  400 cows - PEMBROKESHIRE

UK Wales 10/09/2014 N/A 9581 More Information

Herdsperson: with milking stockmanship and tractor driving skills: job in Ceredigion...

UK Wales 12/09/2014 N/A 9580 More Information

Herdsman and Dairy Farm Tractor Driver Job >>>Chester

UK North West 1/10/2014 N/A 9579 More Information

Experienced Herdsman or woman for job with 400 cow herd on 600 acre dairy farm in...

UK Wales 1/09/2014 N/A 9567 More Information

Job for Stockperson >>>> Rugby

UK West Midlands 28/09/2014 N/A 9578 More Information

Herdsman Job>>>>Dumfries

UK Scotland 2/09/2014 N/A 9577 More Information

Experienced Sprayer/Arable Operators Required. With PA1...

UK South & South East 2/09/2014 N/A 9576 More Information

Tractor and machinery operator required for a job in Bedfordshire

UK East & East Anglia 2/09/2014 N/A 9575 More Information

Job for a Herds person on a progressive dairy farm in Cambridgeshire

UK East & East Anglia 1/09/2014 1/09/2050 9573 More Information

Experienced Tractor Drivers - with single flail experience.

UK South & South East 2/09/2014 N/A 9574 More Information

Job for Experienced Stockman required .West Coast of Scotland

UK Scotland 1/09/2014 1/08/2030 9528 More Information

Job for  stockman general farm worker on 2000 acre NE Norfolk farm.

UK East & East Anglia 1/10/2014 N/A 9572 More Information

Spray operator, forage harvester driver required to work for contractor ~ South Wales

UK Wales 8/09/2014 N/A 9569 More Information

Job for Lead Fencer in Sussex

UK South & South East 8/09/2014 10/10/2034 9568 More Information

Arable farmer with gardening business requires a skilled arable operator .>>>>Job in...

UK West Midlands 30/08/2014 30/11/2014 9558 More Information

Job for Experienced tractor Driver for civil Engineering site in Runcorn

UK North East 1/09/2014 N/A 9566 More Information

Manager -Stockman-General Farm Worker ~ job in Woucestershire

UK West Midlands 1/10/2014 N/A 9565 More Information

Permanent Staff wanted:  1.  Experienced Commercial Tree Surgeons.   ...

UK London & Thames 1/09/2014 N/A 9563 More Information

Experienced shepherd-stockperson required. Job near Dunstable

UK East & East Anglia 15/09/2014 N/A 9564 More Information

Looking for two good tractor drivers

UK Yorkshire 14/08/2029 14/10/2010 9560 More Information

Machinery Operator job: harvesting potatoes near Newtownards, Northern Ireland

UK Northern Ireland 15/09/2014 28/11/2014 9561 More Information

General Farm Worker/Yard Person for 280 cow dairy farm - Must have tractor driving and...

UK South West 1/09/2014 N/A 9559 More Information

Job for tractor Tractor Driver >>> Ipswich

UK East & East Anglia 1/09/2014 14/10/2017 9554 More Information

Work for a Dairy Assistant Family Farm in Uttoxeter

UK West Midlands 30/08/2014 N/A 9556 More Information

A position for a Stockman / GFW has arisen on a beef finishing unit in Buckinghamshire.

UK London & Thames 1/09/2014 N/A 9553 More Information

General Farm worker required a job on a beef and sheep farm in Cornwall

UK South West 25/08/2014 N/A 9552 More Information

Job with Arable/ Contractor Baling operation. Car licence is a must, A LGV licence would also...

UK Yorkshire 25/08/2014 20/09/2028 9550 More Information

Job for Livestock Foreman on a farm near Eastchurch, Kent

UK South & South East 1/09/2014 N/A 9549 More Information

Stockperson required for 250 cow pedigree Holstein herd>>>> Lanarkshire, Scotland

UK Scotland 26/08/2014 30/09/2001 9548 More Information

General Farm Worker job with priority of Sheep Flock Management  >>>...

UK South & South East 23/08/2014 N/A 9547 More Information

Tractor driver / stock person for freedom foods straw based pig breeding / finishing farm...

UK Scotland 14/09/2014 N/A 5639 More Information

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