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Male 25 I am a young farmer aged 25 looking for permanent work on an arable farm in the East/East Midlands area. I... 02/10/2017 N/A 54462
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Male 32 Farm worker, aged 32, looking for work.  I am a dairyman on a big farm at the moment, good all... 30/09/2017 N/A 42577
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Male 28 Looking for permanent farm work  15/10/2017 N/A 52202
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Male 21 Experience working with sheep and dairy doing milking, dagging, tagging, lambing, de horning and doing feet.... 20/09/2017 1/08/2018 27622
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Male 27 27 year old Irish farm worker available. Solid farm experience in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and... 31/07/2018 N/A 40055
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Female 43 Experienced dairy/beef and sheep farmer, 43 year old lady living in Northamptonshire looking for farm... 06/10/2017 1/11/2050 36549
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Male 43 Currently a self employed Agricultural Contractor now wanting to use the experience and qualifications I... 30/09/2017 N/A 48727
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Male 24 Experienced calf rearer/milker/tractor driver aged 24 looking for work in Scotland 01/10/2017 N/A 32036
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Male 21 21 year old male, level 2 diploma in agriculture, grade:distinction. I work on a 300 cow dairy farm, milking... 22/10/2017 N/A 43069
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Male 32 32, Looking for a role of management in Horticulture. Hardworking, experienced and a quick learner. 20/11/2017 1/01/2026 14160
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Male 31 I am a skilled South African large small stock production manager with 8 years experience. 01/11/2017 31/07/2018 52309
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Male 38 NEW ZEALAND SHEEP & BEEF FARM MANAGER looking for a great opportunity to share my immense practical skills... 01/10/2017 N/A 43001
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Male 19 19 years old from Northern Ireland can drive tractors and other machinery looking for work in N.I. 22/09/2017 N/A 53946
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Male 25 Arable farm labourer with 6 years tractor driving experience. Tele-forklift operator (6 years)... 25/09/2017 N/A 47490
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Male 21 English milker aged 21, various experience of dairy farming in England and New Zealand. I am ideally looking for a job in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire.  25/09/2017 N/A 42245
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Female 27 Swedish farm worker aged 27 looking for work on sheep farms in UK. 01/01/2018 N/A 41633
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Male 20 I'm a New Zealand dairy farmer, looking for any farmwork.  Have a full license. 2.5 yrs experience. 20/09/2017 10/12/2017 53602
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Male 27 Mature BSc degree student seeking a full time arable operators position. 30/09/2017 N/A 49614
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Female 30 Hello, my name is Emma and I am an agricultural graduate from the Royal Agricultural College. I graduated... 24/09/2017 1/02/2019 20126
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Female 18 Hello! I am looking for a livestock/mixed farm to work on- I'm a hard worker and quick learner. Looking for work in the West Midlands. 27/09/2017 N/A 51937
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