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Male 43 High Calibre experienced arable operator capable of operating machinery with minimum supervision. Exceptionally... 01/01/2018 N/A 43253
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Male 56 Experienced tractor driver who has worked on large arable/mixed farms plus highways and with livestock experience 28/12/2017 N/A 36248
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Male 34 Good all round estate/farm worker, looking for new challenge. reliable, safe, responsible 01/12/2017 N/A 20925
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Male 33 British farmer with extensive experience in the livestock industry both dairy and beef and also large sheep flocks and horticulture with very good references 19/11/2017 3/02/2023 41698
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Male 34 Farmhand / Gardener, keen hard worker. 16/11/2017 19/01/2019 53287
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Male 33 English aged 33 married one son. looking for mainly arable but livestock too 19/12/2017 N/A 52757
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Male 27 STOCKMAN / GFW , 27 year old farm worker.  Have done a lot in my short years, including having... 30/11/2017 N/A 30893
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Female 25 Farming assistant in dumfries and galloway running a 500 head beef suckler herd, 250 hill sheep flock looking... 09/01/2018 31/12/2027 26277
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Male 42 42 year old family man. Experienced herdsman looking for a new challenge in southwest. Preferably looking for husband and wife type position. 31/01/2018 N/A 57504
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Male 46 Beef Stockman, aged 46 looking for work in UK.  Passionate about animal welfare.   Tractor and telehandler... 14/12/2017 N/A 47134
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Male 50 Experienced stockman based central Scotland. Hard working,reliable with 30 yrs experience dairy/Gfw. 31/12/2017 N/A 34600
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Male 28 Scottish general farm worker 28 can drive tractors, operate most machinery, milk cows, general farm... 16/11/2030 N/A 28349
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Male 22 I’m 22 years old and have a passion for working with dairy cows. I am keen and enthusiastic and... 30/11/2017 N/A 35445
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Male 37 Cornish agricultural contract driver, looking for work in different aspects of agriculture or farm work willing to work anywhere in the UK 19/11/2017 N/A 45532
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Male 23 23 year old male looking for mixed farming job in north east England or near by. 19/11/2017 30/12/2020 23722
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Male 24 Enthusiastic and experienced young man looking for a job as shepherd anywhere in uk. 31/01/2018 N/A 57411
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Male 49 Experienced stockman with sheep and beef experience. extensive and intensive systems both in United Kingdom and... 31/12/2017 N/A 18112
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Male 27 Experienced shepherd looking for new opportunities. 23/11/2017 N/A 38739
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Male 18 Ben Spencer general farm worker looking for a variety of work any where in the UK as long as accommodation is available 30/11/2017 N/A 43667
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Male 47 47 year old herdsman from Gloucestershire looking for herdsman or assistant herdsman role in Devon,Cornwall... 08/12/2017 N/A 57425
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