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Male 22 I am a young experienced farmer from Reading who is now looking to branch off and gain more experience working... 20/12/2017 9/01/2020 33675
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Male 24 24 Scotch/Australian farm worker with Experience in the U.S, Aus and U.K 01/01/2018 N/A 58220
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Male 27 Experienced arable, pigs, beef and dairy Polish farmer looking for general farm work. Tractor/combine driver. Honest and reliable person. 01/01/2018 N/A 57951
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Male 19 Italian shepherd aged 20 looking for work in the UK. 10/12/2017 N/A 55741
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Female 36 Romanian couple 32 and 36 years.  Both whyt 1 and half year experience on dairy farm: milking, general... 16/01/2018 N/A 54282
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Male 54 I am an experienced tractor driver & stockman/general farm worker. My skills include power harrowing... 18/12/2017 N/A 44075
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Male 19 20 year old Irish Agricultural Science student, Looking for summer harvest work. 4 years experience  01/07/2018 15/09/2018 58209
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Male 30 Jon Carney - Geographically mobile - Mature and hard working - Pursuing a passion as well as a job - Experienced... 01/01/2018 N/A 57269
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Female 23 I have 8 years experience in lambing pedigree flocks from 100 to 5000 commercial ewes. I am enthusiastic... 01/01/2018 30/04/2018 48037
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Male 45 45 year old Tractor/combine/sprayer operator looking for a challenging and rewarding full... 31/01/2018 9/10/2036 46024
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Female 48 Finnish reliable lady aged 48, looking for work on a sheep farm in UK, many years experience from shepherd work (both in UK and Finland), two good working dogs. 01/01/2018 30/03/2018 37675
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Male 23 Experienced all rounder looking for increased responsibility with long term goal to manage. Interested... 01/01/2018 N/A 43330
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Male 19 College graduate looking to start a career working with sheep. 3 years lambing experience on a variety of... 14/02/2018 N/A 57458
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Male 28 tractor man/general farm worker My names Christopher brown I am 28 years of age and I originally... 09/12/2017 N/A 47046
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Male 26 26 year old male looking for work on a mixed farm, working as a part of a small team. 20/12/2017 N/A 34262
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Male 54 I can drive tractors, seed drilling, fertilizer spreading, baling (round) muck spreading, fork lift, also... 08/01/2018 N/A 52086
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Male 40 Freelance shepherd, from Shetland Islands, run own croft (300 sheep) and shepherding business for 10... 08/01/2018 N/A 38705
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Male 20 Experienced farm machine operator looking for work in agricultural in the UK. Also not afraid of manual labour. 10/12/2017 N/A 57800
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Male 33 A Czech farmer, 33 years looking for a job in England.  License for tractor, truck, agry machinery. 10/12/2017 30/11/2018 54577
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Male 54 PA1, PA2 & forklift certificate Spraying, drilling, ploughing, fertilser spreading, irrigation, harvester driving and general farm work. 31/12/2017 N/A 50114
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